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Welcome to the Tenth Fleet Library Archival System

Tenth Fleet


The Tenth Fleet was established in 2011 with the Naval Directive 11FB-07 from the First Space Lord, FADM Lord Sir Scott Akers, to then-RADM Chrissy Killian to assume command of the fleet. The very first vessel to form within the fleet was the lead ship of the Roland-class, HMS Roland, in May of 2012, based in the city of San Jose, California, under the command of then-LCDR Jack Yeager. Two months later, the Nike-class battlecruiser HMS Truculent formed in Seattle, WA, under the command of CAPTJG Timothy Monk. The LAC Grimalkin formed in the Los Angeles area in September of 2012, under the command of then-LTSG Christopher Beilby. Grimalkin would upgrade to the Roland-class destroyer HMS Bedivere, the following year, and then again to the famous Star Knight-class heavy cruiser HMS Merlin.
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