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The 'Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine (abbrev: 'RMMM') is one the civilian branches of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.. The 'RMMM' is one of two uniformed civilian branches of TRMN'. Members of this branch hold merchant marine ranks and job titles and may wear the various orders of RMMM uniform. Members of this component tend to focus on the merchant marine, trade and merchant ships of the stories. Chapters of merchant spacers are organized as merchant ships, titled RMMS <<name>>.

The Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine was authorized in 2013 by Admiralty Order 1312-05. It became active with the opening of the Merchant Fleet Academy in 2016.

There are 6 sizes of RMMM chapters:


Admiralty Order 1703-02 specifies awards for the civilian branches, including the RMMM. See Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine Awards for a list of awards issued to RMMM personnel.


The merchant marine, whether of the Star Empire of Manticore, the Republic of Haven or any other star nation, is a civilian industry. The ships are owned by private companies or individuals in free market societies. In places like the old People’s Republic of Haven, in which the government owned every major capital intensive business, the ships are government-owned and are operated by a civilian bureaucracy, usually associated with the Ministry of Trade or similarly named non-military agency. The merchant marine is also known as the merchant navy, mercantile marine, merchant service, or hansemarine (in the Andermani Empire). The people who work on the ships are referred to as merchant mariners or merchant spacers, never as merchant marines.

The Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine, or RMMM, is comprised of Manticoran flagged merchant ships that transported cargo and people during times of both peace and war. The Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine is the single largest merchant navy in the galaxy. The hundreds of companies that own the thousands of ships that fly the Manticoran flag operate a wide variety of ships, from small 100,000 ton couriers to 8 megaton freighters with a crew of about 25, to passenger liners with crews of 600 that can carry up to 5,000 passengers. We serve the carrying trade not only between the Star Empire of Manticore and other star nations, but also within the many star systems of the Galaxy, including in the Solarian League.

RMMM officers are trained at the Merchant Fleet Academy.

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