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The Royal Manticoran Army (abbrev. RMA) is a branch of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc..

The RMA High Command is headed by the Marshal of the Army (abbrev. MotA), who is an ex-officio Royal Council member. The MotA issues Army Directives, applicable to the RMA's operations, units and personnel (including personnel from other branches operating with the RMA).

Under the MotA and the RMA Chief of Staff, five Deputy Chiefs of Staff head functions analogous to the bureaus of the RMN.

  • Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel (ODCSPER)
  • Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ODCSINTEL)
  • Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics (ODCSLOG)
  • Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations (ODCSOPS)
  • Deputy Chief of Staff for Training (ODCSTRA)

The King Roger I Military Academy administers RMA training.

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