Protector's Order 0103-17

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Protector's Order 0103-17 was issued January 3, 2017 by the High Admiral of the GSN. It announces results of the Black Sphinx Cup final challenge.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Grayson Space Navy, the Royal Manticoran Forces, Imperial Andermani Navy, Republic of Haven Navy, and Allied Navies
From: High Admiral Lord Sir Thomas Saidak, DSO, KE, High Admiral of the Grayson Space Navy
Re: Black Sphinx Cup Final Challenge Announcement (Protector's Order 0103-17)

To all members of 4th Fleet.

I am happy to announce the conclusion of the 2016 4th Fleet Challenge Cup.

As such it is my pleasure to announce the overall winner of the 4th Fleet Cup. The winner of the 2016 4th Fleet Cup is the GNS Albion DD-42, of DesDiv 413.

As of the date of this order, by my hand, and by the authority of Benjamin Bernard Jason Mayhew IX, Protector of Grayson, for their performance in the 4th Fleet Cup, I hereby award all of the current crew of the GNS Albion the Fleet Excellence Award.

Furthermore, they will be put forward as 4th Fleet's competitor for the overall Black Sphinx Cup.

Well done to all the crew for standing to their test so well.

" "
Issued by:
High Admiral Lord Sir Thomas Saidak, DSO, KE, GSN
High Admiral of the Grayson Space Navy
Steadholder Henesey
We Rise to the Test.

Posted on behalf of High Admiral Saidak by SMCPON (GSN) Thomas Bainbridge.

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