Protector's Order 0102-14

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Protector's Order 0102-14 was issued January 16, 2014 by the High Admiral of the GSN. It appoints the Chief of Operations to the High Admiral of the GSN.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Grayson Space Navy
From: Admiral Thomas Saidak, High Admiral of the Grayson Space Navy
Re: Appointment of Chief of Operations (Protector’s Order 0102-14)

As of the date of this Order, by my hand, and by the authority of the Protector of Grayson Benjamin IX, I hereby appoint Spacer 2/c David Melsome as my Chief of Operations. As such he is breveted to the rank of Rear Admiral. Rear Admiral Melsome is ordered to immediately report to my offices at Sword Hall. Where upon his arrival, he will execute the duties of his office as the Intercessor gives him to understand them, effective 01-17-14.

For Grayson, the Keys, the Sword and the Tester!

" "
Issued by:
Admiral Thomas Saidak
High Admiral of the Grayson Space Navy

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