Royal Manticoran Navy

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The Royal Manticoran Navy (abbrev: RMN) is the main service branch of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.. Because the majority of the Honorverse stories relate the adventures of Honor Harrington and other RMN personnel, RMN is the branch portrayed by the majority of TRMN members.

Although they share the same name, the RMN as a branch is commonly differentiated from the overall fan organization of which it is a component by differing acronyms:

  • TRMN (the fan organization as a whole)
  • RMN (the naval branch of TRMN)

Members of this branch hold naval rank or rate and may wear the various orders of RMN uniform. Originally, meeting chapters of TRMN were organized as ships of the RMN, titled HMS <<name>>, and collectively formed the fleet of the RMN.

The RMN is geographically organized into regional fleets, and the worldwide management functions are run by the Admiralty bureaus. The commanding officer of the RMN is the First Space Lord (1SL). The 1SL reports to the First Lord of the Admiralty, who is the overall head of TRMN.


Within the Honorverse canon, the Royal Manticoran Navy is the senior military service of the Star Kingdom of Manticore.[1]

The flag of the Royal Manticoran Navy


The Bureaus of the Royal Manticoran Navy
First Space Lord - BuPlan - BuShips - BuComm - BuPers - BuTrain - BuSup